D. Atanasova: I am waiting for ideas to limit the uninsured

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The Minister of Health Desislava Atanasova is waiting for proposals for solving the problem with the huge number of uninsured Bulgarians. In an interview with bTV, she explained that the specific proposals should come from the management of the health insurance fund and the revenue agency, as well as from the professional and patient organizations that are involved in these revenues.

According to the latest data, about 1.5 million Bulgarians are without health insurance, but the state has no mechanism to deal with the problem. 

Atanasova’s expectations are that the workers in the sector will give valuable ideas, so that the obligatory payment of health contributions will be regulated, without at the same time violating the constitutional rights of the people. An option is allowed in which this payment could become mandatory as the payment of taxes.

Among the options discussed is the one in which people who declare that they have no tax obligations have the right to hospital treatment. This and other similar proposals will be subject to public discussion, explained Minister Atanasova.

Atanasova reminded that in Bulgaria the solidarity model of healthcare has been adopted, in which everyone pays, but the services are used only by people with health problems. In this regard, she pointed out that obliging people from minorities to pay social security contributions would be extremely difficult.

Desislava Atanasova stated that identity documents or driver’s licenses will not be confiscated in case of unpaid health contributions, because these are mandatory documents and the Ministry of Health has no right to confiscate them. A similar idea was launched some time ago, but was very quickly rejected due to its insolvency.

“In any case, only the Ministry of Interior has the authority to seize personal documents or to set conditions for their issuance. The case of mass non-payment of health insurance obligations must be resolved, but it is important to point out the way for that, “Atanasova said.

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