D. Atanasova: We will look for new measures against the uninsured

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Existing measures against people who do not pay health insurance are ineffective and need to change. This was stated by the Minister of Health Desislava Atanasova in an interview for national television.

“We need to think not only about sanctions against violators but also about introducing incentives for conscientious citizens who regularly pay their health insurance,” the minister commented. According to her, in the year before the elections, it is necessary to discuss this topic not only at the expert level but also through a broad public discussion.

According to the Minister of Health, there are more than 1 million uninsured people, so a concrete decision is to be made on what approach to take against them.

With the changes introduced so far in the Health Insurance Act, the desired result has not been achieved, Atanasova believes. Recalling that the sanctions for the uninsured were increased many times, including deprivation of health rights, the Minister noted that new and more effective measures must be applied, operating on the principle of solidarity. 

“Otherwise, the practice will continue, in which the health insured citizens bear the costs for the treatment of those who are not insured,” concluded Desislava Atanasova.

The Minister confirmed that the debts accumulated by the hospitals reach BGN 380 million, 70 million of which are overdue. Debts have accumulated due to poor management and the large number of uninsured people who receive medical care at the expense of the budgets of the hospitals where they are treated.

“All these obligations are accumulated on the accounts of medical institutions. These are mainly university and district hospitals. The Ministry of Health will ask them to develop and submit recovery plans and if this does not happen, I will change the directors, “said Minister Atanasova.

The Minister of Health assured that even now there are hospitals in which money is managed very well in the conditions of crisis, they even set aside funds for investments in equipment and the creation of new departments.

According to the Minister, the health care system is very conservative and does not tolerate sharp movements, so decisions must be made by consensus between patients, professional organizations, experts, and government institutions. Atanasova said she would focus on dialogue during her term to make the best decisions. Works on the article: Evgenia Marinova , editor Ekaterina Stoilova

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