Expert: The interface with which the machine communicates with the voter needs to be improved

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The interface with which the e-voting machine communicates with the voter could be better. This was commented on the air of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria by the election expert Stoil Stoilov.

“We are talking about the first and second pages of the interface – many voters did not understand their logic and chose to vote in only one of the two elections. The way of working with the machine was widely explained, but we must keep in mind that not everyone is interested enough in the elections, “he explained.

According to Stoil Stoilov, the information campaign was sufficient and everyone “who watches a little TV and news should have understood”.

He added that the counting of the receipts was taken as a decision by the Central Election Commission for security purposes, but counting 30% of them was enough.

“The order to count all 100% rather creates distrust in the system,” said the election expert, recalling that distrust is the biggest enemy of an election because “we have to believe in what we produce.”

According to Stoilov, such cases will not arise during the runoff, because there will be only two options. His fears about the machine vote are more focused on the local elections, because there are many positions to be elected, and they must be presented on one ballot.

The election expert expressed doubts about the way in which low voter turnout was calculated.

“Turnout should be calculated on the basis of the number of citizens who have in some way expressed a desire to vote, and not on the basis of some fantastic number of people who have a Bulgarian identity document,” said the election expert.

Stoilov is convinced that one of the effects of the change in the Electoral Code is that the turnout has decreased. He described compulsory machine voting as a “soft, educational and technological qualification”.
He confirmed that the machine vote set a precedent for more people with mobile ballot boxes to vote.

How did digitalisation affect the vote and the mood of the voters? Does it make sense to count the voting receipts? Is the public interest in the distribution of public resources in the way it is distributed in MP salaries protected? Should there be a redesign of machine voting. Why will the upcoming municipal elections be a bigger challenge?

You can hear the whole conversation in the video of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

You can hear all the guests of the show “Business Start” here . Working on the article: Bloomberg TV Bulgaria team , editor Petya Stoyanova

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