The SAC files a lawsuit on complaints due to the counting of all receipts from the machines

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Earlier today from “Stand up BG! We are coming!” and Democratic Bulgaria say they will file a lawsuit in court over the CEC’s decision late last night

The Central Election Commission submitted to the SAC office two complaints from coalitions registered for tomorrow’s elections in connection with last night’s decision of the CEC to count 100% of the machine voting receipts.

An inspection revealed that the files lacked a transcript of the minutes of the CEC meeting held late last night. The missing document was also entered.

Immediately after the elimination of the incompleteness, the SAC initiated and scheduled a case. According to the Electoral Code, the Supreme Administrative Court must rule on them within 3 days of receiving the appeals, the court said.

What follows from now on and can the judges rule tomorrow morning

The complaint must come from the Central Election Commission, as by law those dissatisfied must send it there. Once it arrives complete, the court has three days to schedule the trial. That is, the probability of voting before the first round of elections is small.

And more – a few days ago the Supreme Administrative Court ruled on an issue related to the counting of all control receipts – then three supreme judges wrote in their ruling that by decision of the Central Election Commission there may be a different percentage of counting receipts, but the result is reflected only in the protocols that will then come out of the voting machine.

The decision of the Central Election Commission to count 100% of the machine voting receipts was announced late last night. It came three days after the Commission decided that such a count would be made in only 30 percent of the sections.

CEC Chairwoman Kamelia Neykova motivated the new decision by the need to quell the tension that had arisen after finding additional voting machines imported by the supplier company Ciela Norma:

“And in order to reassure everyone and once and for all remove any doubt and speculation with machine voting, perhaps these receipts should be listed. Ultimately, the results of the vote are contained in the final minutes of the machine. This count does not affect the election result. “

The decision of the Central Election Commission provoked mixed reactions from the members of the section commissions, who tomorrow after the end of the election day will have to count all the receipts from the machine vote:

“We believe that it is completely unnecessary to count the receipts. In the previous elections, certain commissions were elected to count. There was a count. There was no discrepancy in the receipts and in the minutes and this is an unnecessary burden on the commissions.”

“It would take longer.”

“It will slow us down a little more. I don’t think it will make it difficult for us.”

“We will count as we should. I hope we will not dawn.”

“In my opinion, this will increase the confidence of all voters in the election process. And there can be absolutely no concern on the issue,” representatives of section commissions told BNR correspondents in various regions of the country.

From abroad, some commission representatives expressed concern over the CEC’s new decision.

According to Dimitar Ivanov, a volunteer for the Zurich vote, handing over the protocols to the CEC this time would take a record long time. “They will have another 24 to 36 hours of election day. That suggests mistakes,” he said.

* The information is updated at 5:30 p.m. Works on the article: Bozhidarka Chobaligova

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